Photos are our autobiography, a way of telling who we are.
— Jan Phillips

Hello there! 



First and foremost, thank you SO incredibly much for stopping by to check out my website, and taking the time to read about me, I'm feeling pretty special right about now ;) 

My first love has always been landscape photography, so my images and the memories I capture not only include YOU (the most important subject of all) but also the surrounding areas. Growing up the Pacific Northwest, I'm constantly surrounded by beauty and it's hard not to be inspired by it all! So adventuring together with my clients to the mountains, ocean, or even a park nearby is guaranteed to spark inspiration and help tell your story in an authentic way.

I attended college for photo journalism, so my photographic style tends to reflect that as well. I'm originally from Seattle, but grew up in a small town in Central Washington where my love for photography was sparked! I love my home town of Cle Elum and often venture home to capture moments for locals and those visiting! Since being in remission from having Breast Cancer at the age of 31, I've relocated back to my roots in the Seattle area where I spend time with my family and friends and playing Pinball with my boyfriend! I'm always up for a game of softball or volleyball and love chasing the sunset. I'm all about retreating to the outdoors whenever I get the chance with my two husky dogs - Toki & Kirra! I think I have more photos of them than I know what to do with! ;) 

I hope to cross paths you with some day and help tell your story! 


Mary Jo