Everly // 9 Months

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Happy Spring ya’ll!

As you can see in this gallery …winter overstayed its welcome and the snow took its sweet time melting …but, the sun was out and Everly was SOOO happy being outside with just a few of her favorite things: mommy, daddy - and of course, her puppies! Needless to say, we are definitely kindred spirits with our love for puppies ;)

Everly’s momma, Sarah, and I go way back to the high school days. We actually reconnected during our 10 year reunion and learned we have a lot more in common as adults than we did as pesky teenagers ;) Sarah and her husband Austin hired me to take some photos of them with their 4 pups before Everly was even a twinkle in their eye! So when the opportunity arose to take photos of their growing family - I was so honored they chose me to document this extremely fun 1st year of Everly’s life! She made her grand debut a month earlier than expected - so her baby shower ended up being her newborn photoshoot! She was so tiny and insisted on giving me all the mean mug faces during her first couple shoots, haha! Watching her grow and seeing her evolve into a little human who cracks up at tickles, funny faces, and the weirdest noises has been SO.MUCH.FUN!

I hope you all enjoy these adorable photos of her in the cutest outfits - highlighting all the things she’s loving at this time in her life!

Carson // Newborn

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Ooooh babies!

It’s springtime - which seems to mean lots of babies on the way?! Or…is that a thing? I’m not sure, but I’m going to pretend it is ;)

Back to the topic at hand: BABIES. Newborn babies to be more specific. I don’t photograph a lot of babies, because if it’s true that history repeats itself - then I am definitely the opposite of the baby whisperer. Not even joking…do you know how many times I’ve heard a mom tell me “he/she is normally such a good baby!” Soooorry…I didn’t mean to ruin the happy baby streak, but here I am, camera in hand! :D

Here’s something that you may not know, I have never in my life changed a diaper. I am a 33 year old woman …NOT.ONCE. I didn’t have little cousins to look after, or little siblings, and I can count on one hand how many times I actually babysat in my life. WELL, here we are, where all my lifelong friends are making babies and I’m still living the #dogmom life to the fullest. BUT, that doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE babies all the same! I don’t advertise for baby shoots often, because to be honest - they’re outside my niche and in my case, difficult. I often block off up to 4 hours of time to spend with newborns and their families, because that’s just the way life goes when you’re brand new to this world and everyone else is on your agenda ;)

BUT, on special occasions I am up for the challenge! Especially when it’s a great friend of mine who I’ve known since the 3rd grade popping out a beautiful brand new baby boy :) I loved spending the day with Carson, his older sister Klaire, and momma Keri! With some serious teamwork involved, I was able to capture some precious moments for their family to enjoy for years to come!

Welcome to the world, Carson William! You are SOOO loved!

Kiana & Saul // Oahu Wedding

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I’ve done few destination weddings …mainly to places like Canada and Oregon, so keeping it in the Pacific Northwest for the most part is about as far as I’ve gone! So when I had the opportunity to head to Hawaii for my first ever “off the main land” destination wedding - I was STOKED! Kiana & Saul hired me for their engagement pictures, which ended up being some of my favorite photos ever and actually some of my most liked images on Instagram for the year of 2016 ;) Needless to say, these two are stunning and photogenic AF and are two of the most kind hearted human beings I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know.

Through my years of photographing love, I’ve come across many types of grooms - the shy & reserved, the ones who basically scream from a mountain top their love for their soon to be wife, the emotional ones, the quiet, the loud …the list goes on. Saul’s love for Kiana has been one of my favorites to witness. It’s quiet, but shown in a loud way, it’s sweet, but not overbearing, it’s straight up love from the soul that every woman (especially Kiana!) deserves! To be there to not only witness it, but capture it on multiple occasions has filled my heart up with so much love and appreciation for my photography passion and the lives that not only I touch, but that touch me on a deeper level.

Although the beach ceremony didn’t go as planned due to a huge Amway convention, Kiana & Saul were so easy going and went with the flow to find a new beach ceremony location nearby. They said their vows as the sun set, and then we ventured out a few days later for some beautiful sunrise photos, even some underwater photos - where Saul lost his ring momentarily amongst the reef, but thank goodness our good friend and scuba diver pro, Brenna, was with us and found it lickity split! She straight up saved the day! And of course - a bridal party shoot with all the girls - because when your tribe is this fly - you HAVE to celebrate it!

Thank you both for entrusting me to capture these memories - for being patient with my underwater photography learning curve, and with my art, going above and beyond to make me feel welcome within your tribe, and for choosing one another to walk this life with! You two really are something special and I can’t thank you enough for all your love!!!

Here’s to one year down - and MANY more to come!

Lily & Pandi // Mother Daughter Session


Lily and I go back …WAY back, like back to the 3rd grade. She was one of the first friends I made after my family moved to Cle Elum from Seattle. We’ve both gone through so many stages in our lives, both moving away from home and coming back at different points in our lives, yet we’ve stayed connected and Lily has supported my passion for photography since day 1! Her and Pandi were some of my first guinea pigs as I embarked into the portrait photography world!

After receiving her gallery, Lily posted some images with this caption, “As a parent you go through your photo album trying to find a good photo of you and your kid, and they all seem to be selfies now days. I cherish every few years our mother/daughter photo sessions. Unfortunately memories fade away with time, and that’s the beauty of photos, they make a memory last a lifetime.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself! I hope you enjoy these last days of snow before it’s all gone!

Brado Bunch

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In this line of business, things fluctuate - you’re busy, you’re slow. Sometimes you have THE BEST clients, sometimes things don’t match up the way you’d like them to. It’s just how life is, in any job. One thing I love about my job is when clients become friends. Like, AMAZING friends. Like, ride or die soul sisters that you can face time when you’re feeling not so cute, that you can talk about all the weird things that other people might put you in a crazy house for - the type of friend who you know you can count on to call you out on your shit in the most “loving” way possible ;) - whether you want to hear it or not! Brenna has become that friend in my life after a few years of photographing her and her family. From the time her and Carl were engaged (and Xaylee was just a little bean in her belly) to now - a wedding, 2 babies, 2 houses and a career change later - I feel so honored to have been there to document most of it AND to witness the love of this family grow stronger each and every year!

So today, I wanted to share their most recent session and wish Brenna the happiest of birthdays! I’m SO grateful to know you as deeply as I do - to be able to admire how amazing of a woman, wife, mother, step mother, hair dresser, hiker, adventurer, and all around human being you are! Thank you for turning our sessions into hang outs years ago and helping pull me out of some of my darkest days!

And as always - thank you for trusting in my vision to capture your family - whether we’re at a busy park, or taking a hike in the woods - you guys are always game for some fun photo ops!

Hope you all enjoy these photos and can feel the love and happiness that we all shared that day!

Melodie & Craig // PNW Airstream

Ooooey, this session was SO.MUCH.FUN!

Melodie and I go way back …back about 20 years! We didn’t necessarily grow up together, since she was home schooled, but we played fast pitch together - and anyone who has been on a tight knit team, knows that there’s a bond you build that keeps you tied together throughout life no matter which path you end up taking after grade school. Just this weekend I was photographing a wedding that was at a hotel and there were a bunch of younger girls running around in their basketball uniforms and it totally brought me down memory lane of long road trips, hotel stays, and all the team bonding that comes along with playing sports growing up! Ah, to be young again ;)

Craig is in the Air Force and has been stationed in Texas for the next couple of years - so the two of them packed their life up in their AWESOME Airstream, and hit the road to embark on their newest adventure in San Antonio! I was so honored when Mel reached out to me to document their last day in our home town of Cle Elum, WA. We made our way out to the lake bed and captured some special moments with the last bit of sunlight before it dipped down behind the mountains. Since they had their entire wardrobe with them, it was fun to help them pick and choose what to wear and to ultimately end the shoot in their wedding attire! (Actually, in their swimsuits - since they were super brave and up to the challenge for a quick dip at the end!)

The way these two interacted with one another was magical to say the least. Craig entertained all my posing cues and even when he made light of them, it created some great moments of laughter and playfulness! They included their dog Sawyer, who was at their heels everywhere we went and photobombed in the best ways possible.

I hope you all enjoy the beauty and authenticity of these images and it brings you back to a warmer Pacific Northwest day :)

Abe Family // Gold Creek

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Fall is quickly approaching, so I was happy to get this adorable family in front of my camera for their annual photo session before summer ended! I’ve been photographing the Abe family for the last 3 years, and every year they give me the creative freedom to take them somewhere new and beautiful! This year we spent the early morning in the fog (with a mixture of wildfire smoke) up at Snoqualmie Pass and created some really fun memories together!

A quick backstory to how I know Jehna (the gorgeous mom you see in these photos!) …we grew up on the same block in a south Seattle neighborhood up until I moved to Cle Elum in the 3rd grade! We didn’t keep in touch after I moved, but 3 years ago she messaged me on Facebook (since seeing I had photographed a friend of hers) and said that I reminded her of a childhood friend and asked if I happen to be the same Mary who packed her little red Radio Flyer Wagon up with bags of clothes and “ran away” to her house! The internet sure does make the world feel small - right?!

SO grateful to have reconnected with this wonderful woman as adults now and see how different our lives have become since running around the block, jumping on their trampoline, and me playing “hair stylist” on her bangs back in the day ;) (sorry Jehna’s mom!!!)


Gianna // 6 Months


I've been photographing Gianna, along with her mom Raven and dad Tony, since she was a newborn. Her sessions always take place on their peaceful farm out in Monroe and have been a blast - especially since the weather has been warmer and we can explore a bit further from the house!

I feel so honored to be invited into a family's lives this intimately to document their child's first year in this world. Watching Gianna's love for her family, animals, and surroundings is such a treat to capture! Her personality - full of sweetness, laughter, giggles, trying to eat everything in her path, and her "Are you done with the weird noises yet?" looks are some of my favorite moments I get to enjoy while spending some time with her! 

Hope you enjoy these moments around the farm from late spring earlier this year! :) 

Henry Wedding // Cattle Barn


Hey! WOW...it's been over a year since I've blogged last and I am SO excited to have my first blog back be Ashley & Steve's wedding at the Cattle Barn in Cle Elum, WA! AMAZING venue, vendors, the most perfect weather, bridal party goals, sparkly dresses, axes, antlers galore, and cowboy boots for days!

I met Ashley through a childhood friend and loved her sweet demeanor from the beginning. I knew she was going to be such a chill, thoughtful, and gorgeous bride. I got to know both her and Steve a bit better during their engagement session in the Teanaway. We explored the old town of Liberty and hiked up to the top of a lookout tower during wildfire season (which ended up being perfect with the smoke in the background of some of the images, as Steve used to be a wildland firefighter!) Aside from the beautiful scenery we encountered that day, I got to see first hand the love that these two shared for one another and it had me extra excited for their wedding day! 

The day began with the two of them getting ready in their venue's extremely cute farm house, they exchanged vows after their first look, received thoughtful gifts from family and friends (including a photo pendant of Ashley & her grandfather from one of her bridesmaids!) They "iced" their friends and were all around a fun bunch the entire day! Lots of tears, laughter, and celebrations! I couldn't be more happy that these two found one another and that I had the opportunity to tell their love story! Thank you both SO much for including me in one of the most special days of your lives! 



Smith Maternity // Camano Island

I'll never forget the day Mariko told me that she was pregnant. We met up for lunch and began our usual chit chat, filling one another in about what's new...when the waitress came over and asked what we'd like to drink. She began naming off what they had on tap for beers and the different drink specials they had for the day. Mariko isn't much of a drinker to begin with, but her response was different than usual and had me wondering if she wasn't ordering a drink for a specific reason. I don't normally think of myself as very intuitive, but in the more recent years I've found myself able to pick up on things more than I have before...so after the waitress left, Mariko spilled the beans about her and Jacob expecting. I know this is something they've been wanting for a VERY long time - so hearing this news was SO emotional for me! I couldn't help myself, the water works turned on and I started crying happy tears for them, which in turn made Mariko cry happy tears too!!! It was a pretty special lunch date I would say :) 

The three of us ventured up to Camano Island to capture a beautiful Pacific Northwest sunset. We ran from mosquitos in the woods and caught the last bit of the beautiful pink light from the sun setting. Jacob even got his own time to shine in front of the camera ;) haha! 

I just love these two and cannot wait to meet baby Aria later this month!!!