Weaver Maternity

Sometimes timing is everything, and this photo shoot's timing was pretty spot on! The entire Weaver family showed up as adorable as could be - little Kamilla napping for a bit while mom and dad took some photos together in the beginning, dodging mosquitos at the campground, Daisy dog playing in the river, chasing the sunset at Lake Cle Elum, a gorgeous gown - followed by a trip to the hospital a week later!

The Tuesday following our shoot, Rose visited the doctor for a regular check up and they determined she was 3cm dilated and in active preterm labor. She was taken in an ambulance from Ellensburg, WA to the University in Seattle. This was all too familiar for Rose and her family, since just last year, their beautiful baby girl Kamilla was born premature at 32 weeks, 3 lbs 11 oz. Since she had arrived so early, they weren't able to have maternity photos taken, so this shoot was extra special. They followed her birth with 33 days in the NICU! This time around with baby number two, they were able to stop labor with magnesium sulfate, as well as a shot for baby lung development. Things were going well for a few days until she went back into labor and was prepped for delivery, epidural and all! But once again they were able to stop labor with magnesium sulfate - they thought for sure the baby was coming! Baby and Rose are both healthy and doing good at 30 weeks!

It was such an honor to be the one to capture memories during such an important time in their lives. Happy thoughts to the Weaver family in hopes of a longer pregnancy and another happy and healthy baby!