Abe Family

As some of you may have seen from the first family photo I posted of this beautiful family on my Facebook page - you'll already know that Jehna and I go WAY back. We lived on the same block in Seattle before my family uprooted to Cle Elum. She was on one end of the block - and I was on the other! Our older brothers were friends and I loved hanging out at their house and jumping on the trampoline! I even ran away to their house for a few hours with my red Radio Flyer wagon packed full of plastic bags of clothes & toys! Haha ...oh, to be a kid again ;) 

This last winter I photographed one of Jehna's coworker/friend's family in the snow and when Jehna saw the photos, she reached out to me to see if I was the same girl from our old block! I'm SO happy she did! It was great to reconnect and meet her little family! Her little girl Alivia was a little shy at first, and Jace was all about smiling at the camera! But as the morning went on, I got Alivia to break out of her bubble a little, and capture some pretty funny and candid moments of everyone! 

Thanks again Jehna for reaching out to me! Loved spending the morning with you all!