A & D Engagement // Cle Elum

I've known Amanda since she was sticking crayons up her nose! Okay ...maybe not THAT long (unless of course she was doing that in the 2nd grade, buuuut I can't attest to that) But I'm sure we had many encounters on the playground throughout grade school, until we finally truly got to know one another during middle & high school sports - including playing softball together even through college! We also lived together for a good amount of our early adult years and she's known as Auntie Amanda to my 12 year old husky dog Kirra. So you could say that Amanda is definitely like a sister of sorts to me! Her laugh is contagious and her infamous blonde moments are some of my favorite stories to tell about her ;) She's driven, smart, funny, and beautiful - so Dylon would have to be CRAZY to pass up putting a ring on that finger of hers! Luckily, Dylon is NOT crazy - and proposed while on an ice rink under beautiful Christmas lights in Canada this last winter. Pretty romantic!

Since I recently moved back home to Cle Elum (where both Amanda and I grew up!) these two were my first clients in my new location since finishing up all my chemotherapy & radiation for my breast cancer diagnosis. This winter was a gnarly one, so the snow was sticking around quite a bit, but we made it work with the landscape being stuck between winter and spring. We experienced your typical Washington spring weather for the better part of the day: sunshine, wind, rain, and snow! But it was all worth it for the gorgeous sunset at the end of the day :) 

Thank you both for being SO adventurous and sticking out all the whacky weather with me for some pretty epic moments!