Bellevue Botanical Gardens

Depending on what type of shoot I'm doing, I usually try to be sure and snag a few shots of the surrounding area to include in my galleries so that my clients can enjoy a little bit of extra fun photos from their session's location :) 

I am very drawn to the wilderness and I feel that reflects in my artistic style, so my suggested locations are more often that not going to offer some nature eye candy! 

This specific shoot was for an adorable 2 year old boy with a mohawk (seriously - SO cute!) and he had 4 different outfits for his turning two photos, so there was some extra time during changing to enjoy and capture all the gorgeous things we got to see at Bellevue Botanical Gardens during our walk! 

Some families choose to keep their family portraits private, and I totally respect that! So this blog is all about the nature and beauty we witnessed during our lovely summer stroll. 

You'd think the highlights would be the flowers, but you'd be surprised...