Brado Bunch

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In this line of business, things fluctuate - you’re busy, you’re slow. Sometimes you have THE BEST clients, sometimes things don’t match up the way you’d like them to. It’s just how life is, in any job. One thing I love about my job is when clients become friends. Like, AMAZING friends. Like, ride or die soul sisters that you can face time when you’re feeling not so cute, that you can talk about all the weird things that other people might put you in a crazy house for - the type of friend who you know you can count on to call you out on your shit in the most “loving” way possible ;) - whether you want to hear it or not! Brenna has become that friend in my life after a few years of photographing her and her family. From the time her and Carl were engaged (and Xaylee was just a little bean in her belly) to now - a wedding, 2 babies, 2 houses and a career change later - I feel so honored to have been there to document most of it AND to witness the love of this family grow stronger each and every year!

So today, I wanted to share their most recent session and wish Brenna the happiest of birthdays! I’m SO grateful to know you as deeply as I do - to be able to admire how amazing of a woman, wife, mother, step mother, hair dresser, hiker, adventurer, and all around human being you are! Thank you for turning our sessions into hang outs years ago and helping pull me out of some of my darkest days!

And as always - thank you for trusting in my vision to capture your family - whether we’re at a busy park, or taking a hike in the woods - you guys are always game for some fun photo ops!

Hope you all enjoy these photos and can feel the love and happiness that we all shared that day!