Texas visits the great PNW!

When you grow up in a beautiful place, such as Cle Elum, Washington, you find yourself at age 18 - eager to move to the city and experience the "real world" ...at least that's how I felt as soon as I graduated high school! I totally took the beauty of the area for granted and kick myself in the butt for not being more involved in the great outdoors in my younger days. Then again, sports pretty much ruled my life - so what's an athlete to do?! Well, now in my old age (wink wink) I find myself itching to get back there every chance I get...whether to revisit old places that provide great memories, or to create new memories in places I never really ventured to! Now I don't discriminate against the surrounding areas of this place I call Home Sweet Home ...Snoqualmie Pass is also a beloved place of mine - it's where I learned to snowboard and the location I began taking willing families to for some fun snowy photographs!

So when Melissa, a Cle Elum native as well, reached out to me to have some family photos taken where we grew up - I was ecstatic! Her and her family uprooted from Washington state and moved to Texas, so when they visit, it's full of nostalgia as well as new and exciting places to show her boys Jace & Canaan - who, being in Texas, don't get to experience glacier water on the regular!

After discussing location ideas, Melissa posted a link to Franklin Falls on her Facebook page, and I mentioned that's one of my favorite spots and I knew of a super short way to get there (because not everyone loves hiking in dresses ya know ;) ) So we braved the crowds on Father's Day and tried to sneak in some quick shots with the rushing falls before more folks photobombed us! I have NEVER seen a trail as busy as Franklin Falls was on Father's Day - it was UNREAL. So we got out of there as quickly as we could and explored for a while longer until our PNW needs were satisfied :)

Special thanks to Chip for nearly giving me a heart attack while testing out a slippery area to get some more amazing waterfall shots! ;) I often suggest out of the norm locations to put my clients - but if the family isn't comfortable - there is no way I'm comfortable forcing the shot - so I'm very thankful for adventurous clients such as the Bryant family who were willing to bring my visions to life!

Don't forget to always enjoy the scenery and to scroll to the very end to see Melissa's super sweet PNW inspired tattoo!