Everly // 9 Months

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Happy Spring ya’ll!

As you can see in this gallery …winter overstayed its welcome and the snow took its sweet time melting …but, the sun was out and Everly was SOOO happy being outside with just a few of her favorite things: mommy, daddy - and of course, her puppies! Needless to say, we are definitely kindred spirits with our love for puppies ;)

Everly’s momma, Sarah, and I go way back to the high school days. We actually reconnected during our 10 year reunion and learned we have a lot more in common as adults than we did as pesky teenagers ;) Sarah and her husband Austin hired me to take some photos of them with their 4 pups before Everly was even a twinkle in their eye! So when the opportunity arose to take photos of their growing family - I was so honored they chose me to document this extremely fun 1st year of Everly’s life! She made her grand debut a month earlier than expected - so her baby shower ended up being her newborn photoshoot! She was so tiny and insisted on giving me all the mean mug faces during her first couple shoots, haha! Watching her grow and seeing her evolve into a little human who cracks up at tickles, funny faces, and the weirdest noises has been SO.MUCH.FUN!

I hope you all enjoy these adorable photos of her in the cutest outfits - highlighting all the things she’s loving at this time in her life!