Experience Momentum // Fitness Shoot

In 2015, I had the opportunity to take company head shots for Experience Momentum in Lynnwood, WA. Their facility was so beautiful, I offered to include some photographs of the gym (mainly used for crossfit & body fit classes) as well as their massage rooms, physical therapy areas, yoga room, and even the urban garden they had set up in the outdoor courtyard area!

This gym has so much to offer, it's like a one stop shop! Crossfit, spin, yoga, TRX type classes, massage therapy, physical therapy, and even nutritionists to help you with your journey to become the most healthy version of yourself possible! Every employee is so personable, friendly, and there to help you feel better - it's one of the best atmospheres to be in! 

This past month, we got together to collaborate on some fitness photos. This isn't my usual area of expertise, but it was a challenge I was ready to accept! Fitness (although I'm not a regular at the gym) has always been an interest to me - I've been active in a few Crossfit gyms and am familiar with fitness over all...especially since I was a year round athlete for many years growing up.

Anyways! Three extremely fit EM employees joined me in the gym to create some pretty cool fitness photos! If you've been on a fitness journey yourself and am proud of how far you've come - I'd love to help you document this new chapter in your life and help create something you're proud to show off, or look back on in years to come and think "Damn I looked good! Mmmhmm!" :)