Hansons // Orondo

There’s a blessing in the storm.

Something I've been hoping to do is have the opportunity to travel more around our state to photograph the different types of scenery with my clients...and the Hansons gave me just that! They saw their friend's photos from the beach I had taken earlier in the summer and thought why not ask if I'd like to travel to another area of the state - particularly a piece of property they just bought that overlooks the Columbia River just east of Wenatchee! Of course I was ecstatic, but never could have imagined it would be as beautiful as it was... draw dropping views from left to right and nothing but land behind the Hanson family as we explored their property and neighboring areas as we ran from the storm and attempted to stay warm in between locations! 

Baby sis Quinn and big brother Wesley were serious troopers in the weather and their pup Ruby was the energizer bunny the entire time - nonstop running all around chasing different smells! Thank you Carly & Taylor for inviting me to document a new chapter in your lives in a beautiful place. I loved every bit of it!