Kiana & Saul // Oahu Wedding

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I’ve done few destination weddings …mainly to places like Canada and Oregon, so keeping it in the Pacific Northwest for the most part is about as far as I’ve gone! So when I had the opportunity to head to Hawaii for my first ever “off the main land” destination wedding - I was STOKED! Kiana & Saul hired me for their engagement pictures, which ended up being some of my favorite photos ever and actually some of my most liked images on Instagram for the year of 2016 ;) Needless to say, these two are stunning and photogenic AF and are two of the most kind hearted human beings I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know.

Through my years of photographing love, I’ve come across many types of grooms - the shy & reserved, the ones who basically scream from a mountain top their love for their soon to be wife, the emotional ones, the quiet, the loud …the list goes on. Saul’s love for Kiana has been one of my favorites to witness. It’s quiet, but shown in a loud way, it’s sweet, but not overbearing, it’s straight up love from the soul that every woman (especially Kiana!) deserves! To be there to not only witness it, but capture it on multiple occasions has filled my heart up with so much love and appreciation for my photography passion and the lives that not only I touch, but that touch me on a deeper level.

Although the beach ceremony didn’t go as planned due to a huge Amway convention, Kiana & Saul were so easy going and went with the flow to find a new beach ceremony location nearby. They said their vows as the sun set, and then we ventured out a few days later for some beautiful sunrise photos, even some underwater photos - where Saul lost his ring momentarily amongst the reef, but thank goodness our good friend and scuba diver pro, Brenna, was with us and found it lickity split! She straight up saved the day! And of course - a bridal party shoot with all the girls - because when your tribe is this fly - you HAVE to celebrate it!

Thank you both for entrusting me to capture these memories - for being patient with my underwater photography learning curve, and with my art, going above and beyond to make me feel welcome within your tribe, and for choosing one another to walk this life with! You two really are something special and I can’t thank you enough for all your love!!!

Here’s to one year down - and MANY more to come!