Marlenee Family

I'm beyond thankful for the photographer friends who have come into my life. One, in particular, has been my main confidant in the photography business and has assisted me in creating so many beautiful memories for several clients of mine! That photographer is Byron, of The Northern Peaks Photography! I had the privilege of photographing his extended family a few weekends ago at Nisqually Wildlife Refuge. They were such a joy to spend the evening with and I took full advantage of the sunlight that was provided for our shoot! I'm slightly obsessed with capturing natural sun flare (if you haven't gathered that yet, hehe)

Cody & Liz missed out on family portraits during their wedding, so we made sure to make that priority this time around! Her dad, Jim, was visiting from Ohio and had some pretty funny jokes to get everyone laughing during the group shots ;) Momma Julie was just the sweetest as she showed so much empathy for me after my sinus surgery I had days before - she reminded me a lot of my mom and I felt so at home with the Marlenee family during their entire shoot! 

We got to see beavers, ducklings, birds, old barns, amazing boardwalks, and beautiful scenery during our stroll around the refuge! Check out some of the wildlife and beauty below :)