McCune // one year down

I've known Michelle since she was barely in grade school. Her brother Tim and I were in the same grade growing up, and we all lived just a short walk away from one another - so I've been able to watch Michelle grow up into the beautiful, kind, and sweet as can be young woman that she is today!

I finally met her husband, Jessie, for the first time on their 1 year wedding anniversary. The two agreed to model their wedding attire for me in a beautiful Pacific Northwest setting. My original plan of hiking to a couple waterfalls was foiled when the parking lot to the trailhead was PACKED, and I was wheezing due to a respiratory infection. So, Michelle & Jessie were so patient with me as we ventured to another spot not too far away to get started on their portraits! 

My friend Brenna and I have decided to collaborate together to do more mountain top elopements - where she does the bride's hair and make up, and we both help pack things up to beautiful mountain views. This was definitely our test run at this idea, so I can't wait to bring it more to life next spring and summer! Brenna picked up the flowers for Michelle's hair, and created a beautiful sunflower inspired crown (since Michelle's wedding had sunflowers!)

We climbed and eventually swam all around one of my favorite swimming holes growing up! I never would have imagined myself in this same place years later creating beautiful memories for some people near and dear to my heart!