Mommy & Us // Mother's Day

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"In raising my children, I have lost my mind but found my soul." 

~Lisa T. Shepherd

Do you ever meet someone, and just know that it was divine timing for your souls to finally reconnect?

That is totally how I felt when I met Marcie. We have SO much in common and I can't think of one thing I don't admire about this woman! She's a full time student, amazing mother, loving wife, and all around just a kick ass human being! With us both having busy schedules since the day we met, we haven't had a lot of time to hang out in person...plenty of planned outings that always got rescheduled (usually do to me being sickly!) But I tell you what, thank goodness for social media to help keep me connected to people in my life! I honestly look forward to watching her Snapchat stories at the end of the day - they're full of her adorable twins - Maddox & Lillian, her beautiful face, and all around inspiring things that sometimes leave me feeling like I basically just woke up and ate all day in comparison to all the things she does for her little family in one day! So it's no wonder that her husband, Jordan, wanted to gift her a mommy & me session for Mother's Day!

The last time we all hung out was last August on our hike up to Mt. Pilchuck! So a couple hours together in their new hood was much overdue quality time together. We headed to Fort Steilacoom, which was one of my favorite locations when I lived in Tacoma, and got that delicious golden light hour with some spring flowers! So fun to see how much the twins personalities have grown even since last summer. Lilly is a little shy at first...but eventually warms up to me and gives me the cutest grins along with her brother Maddox! They just melt my heart into mush!!!

A few days after sending Marcie some sneak peeks, she texts me and asks if I noticed there was another kid in the photos I sent her. I instantly got chills and was expecting her to point out some ghost child in the photos! (haha, silly I know!) and then she replies with telling me that they found out they're PREGNANT!!! So this photo shoot ended up being EXTRA special for their family! They had thought they weren't able to conceive without fertility treatments, as they had to with the twins, so this news has them over the moon excited! I can't wait for them to welcome another amazing human being into this world.

Congratulations Hubbard family!!!