Snoqualmie Pass Region // Brittingham Photography

Last week I ventured out to one of my favorite places in the PNW with Andrea of Brittingham Photography, who was accompanied by her adorable dog Koda! I brought my dog, Toki, as well - he was a little TOO excited at times for Koda's liking, but they hit it off pretty well and pal'd around the pond in the hot sun! 

As most of you know, I grew up in Cle Elum, and am a frequent driver over Snoqualmie Pass. I'm also a procrastinator and notoriously late (still trying to learn on that whole "respecting time" thing!) So stopping off the highway to capture photos when the light is magical doesn't usually go in my favor ;) 

A few years ago I got into snowshoeing and began researching snowshoe hikes in the area. Gold Creek Pond showed up as a popular destination, so my friend Shayne and I attempted it on a rainy winter day and were ready to turn around almost as soon as we got there! When spring came I decided to head over the pass early and make a stop to see what this place looked like. OMG, I fell in LOVE! The view of Rampart Ridge that I've admired so much from I-90 was so much more beautiful than I had ever thought it could be!

This time around, I was excited to explore and finally just focus on taking photos (instead of cell phone pics!) with someone who is as passionate about photography as I am :) Andrea and I took a break for lunch at the newer CommonWealth restaurant near Summit West, then took a quick trip to Alpental before we decided we'd had enough sun and headed home early to avoid traffic!

Thanks again for the super fun day Andrea - it was much needed! 

If you're looking for that beautiful Pacific Northwest feel for your photo session without having to hike in miles and miles or at high elevation - this is a great spot with a leisurely walk around the pond! Book your session today before the snow comes!!!