Class of 2017 // Senior Reps!

It all began with Willow, then Sarah, then Brianne, then Bella, and finally Selah for my CERHS 2017 Senior girls this last year. (Bella & Selah's session didn't get blogged, as I began chemotherapy and not much was done during that time!) But I assure you - they totally ROCKED their sessions! 

I decided since moving back to Cle Elum, I'd love to begin my own senior rep program. It's been over a decade since I was in high school and I honestly have NO idea what it's like to be a senior this day in age. With all the social media, make up, eyebrows on fleek, and amazing fashion sense, I'm feeling pretty unhip! I was wearing my sweatshirts inside out and plucking my eyebrows almost to the point of no as a senior vs seniors these days is quite the a pretty embarrassing way, haha!  

So I asked these young ladies if they'd be up for a couple extra shoots throughout the following seasons leading up to their departure into adulthood. We ventured out into the snow for a snowy session (again, not blogged because I was sickly!) but now I'm so excited to share their spring session with you all! We lucked out with no rain, but LOTS of wind (go figure!) We ventured to Lake Cle Elum for some windblown hair action, had some ice cream in the Roslyn Yard, and finally ended the session in some beautiful wildflowers near the high school! 

These girls are all so wonderful in their own unique ways! I've seriously had such a blast getting to know them better since their first session with me, and can't wait to photograph them one last time before they're off to college!