Smith Maternity // Camano Island

I'll never forget the day Mariko told me that she was pregnant. We met up for lunch and began our usual chit chat, filling one another in about what's new...when the waitress came over and asked what we'd like to drink. She began naming off what they had on tap for beers and the different drink specials they had for the day. Mariko isn't much of a drinker to begin with, but her response was different than usual and had me wondering if she wasn't ordering a drink for a specific reason. I don't normally think of myself as very intuitive, but in the more recent years I've found myself able to pick up on things more than I have after the waitress left, Mariko spilled the beans about her and Jacob expecting. I know this is something they've been wanting for a VERY long time - so hearing this news was SO emotional for me! I couldn't help myself, the water works turned on and I started crying happy tears for them, which in turn made Mariko cry happy tears too!!! It was a pretty special lunch date I would say :) 

The three of us ventured up to Camano Island to capture a beautiful Pacific Northwest sunset. We ran from mosquitos in the woods and caught the last bit of the beautiful pink light from the sun setting. Jacob even got his own time to shine in front of the camera ;) haha! 

I just love these two and cannot wait to meet baby Aria later this month!!!