Woodward Kids // Sammamish

I first met Anna during a 3-way meeting about a networking marketing company called Nerium. I had heard of the business before, and was even introduced to their first product they released: their Age Defying Night Cream from a friend about 3 years prior to this meeting with Anna, and our wonderful mutual friend, Sheena :) I had gotten a sample of the night cream, but it was only about 3 days worth and I wasn't able to really tell if it had made a difference for my skin. About a year went by, and I met Sheena in a networking group, and found out about the new products Nerium had released since I first heard about it. I'm all about cutting down my "getting ready" routine in the morning - which also leads me to being quite the consumer always on the lookout for new ways to make that a reality. So I decided to try out their products once again to see what may fit into my lifestyle :) 

Since my first introduction to Nerium, they've come out with an anti-aging day cream, eye cream, cellulite/firming cream, as well as a mind enhancement product - EHT. About 3 years ago I noticed I didn't seem to have the same focus I once had, and unfortunately it was beginning to affect my passion for photography. Learning new techniques became difficult, finding a steady workflow was almost impossible, and my social skills were falling flat from just working by myself all the time! I have a hard time thinking of becoming "dependent" upon anything to help me along in life. I've always been stubborn that way! But after much reluctancy, I decided to give EHT a go, and within a few months I watched my business begin to get back on its feet, my photography visions coming to life, and my relationships with those around me began to reflect a happier and more focused me. I feel connected again, but still have a long ways to go (as we all do!) I would highly recommend EHT to any creative that struggles with the "business" aspect of owning their own business - because that's where it's helped me the most. I've heard plenty of testimonials from others that explain their success with EHT, and I am so glad there is a product out there like this! I don't rant and rave about a product very often - but I am in love with EHT! Of course I use the day cream and eye cream daily as well, and I can't even remember the last time I put foundation on come to think of it! 

Anyways! Enough about all that - the reason you're here is to take a gander at the Woodward kids! With Nick getting ready to embark on a new journey at boarding school in Florida, Anna wanted to get some quick sibling photos together before he left for the school year. The ever elusive Sophie was the most gung-ho to climb up trees and show her older brothers how its done! ;) They hung out with me for a little over a half hour - taking direction very well and probably ready to go cross-eyed by the end of it! But I'm glad they stuck it out and we were able to get some lasting memories of them all together! 

Thanks again Woodward family!