Sarah - CERHS // Class of 2017

Oh where do I start with this girl?! I was having car issues, so Sarah's mom offered to let us use her rig to go exploring in ye 'ol stomping grounds! I'm a graduate of CERHS, so I've been excited to move back home after 12 years and be able to photograph in the place that sparked my love for photography in the first place! :) So naturally, I was super stoked to head up to Cooper Cliffs (and have the place all to ourselves!) to start Sarah's senior session. She climbed rocks/logs/all the things in her heels and worked the camera with her adorable hat she brought along as well! 

I loved spending the afternoon with this wonderful gal, and to learn about how much times have changed since I was in high school! Thanks Sarah for being so fun and up for anything! I had a blast taking your senior portraits! 


Aliyah // Class of 2017

I first met Aliyah a few years ago when her and all her siblings decided to take photos for their mom for a present (ALWAYS a good idea!) So it was so great to see her again and the beautiful young lady she's grown into be! 

Aliyah's session was before all this classic PNW rain rolled in for the fall, so we headed to Franklin Falls for some fun waterfall photos and were lucky to get close enough to sit at the edge of the waterfall and have it create some cool wind blown hair! She was so sweet and up for anything the entire time. We hit up Gold Creek Pond next to walk around and see what fall colors we could find left, and this girl rocked every outfit she brought with her! SO happy she entrusted me as her senior photographer and also trusted the location choice I had in mind! 

Thanks again Aliyah - and best wishes for your senior year! <3 

Hansons // Orondo

There’s a blessing in the storm.

Something I've been hoping to do is have the opportunity to travel more around our state to photograph the different types of scenery with my clients...and the Hansons gave me just that! They saw their friend's photos from the beach I had taken earlier in the summer and thought why not ask if I'd like to travel to another area of the state - particularly a piece of property they just bought that overlooks the Columbia River just east of Wenatchee! Of course I was ecstatic, but never could have imagined it would be as beautiful as it was... draw dropping views from left to right and nothing but land behind the Hanson family as we explored their property and neighboring areas as we ran from the storm and attempted to stay warm in between locations! 

Baby sis Quinn and big brother Wesley were serious troopers in the weather and their pup Ruby was the energizer bunny the entire time - nonstop running all around chasing different smells! Thank you Carly & Taylor for inviting me to document a new chapter in your lives in a beautiful place. I loved every bit of it! 

Abi // Class of 2017

Now I haven't pursued senior photography much in my 8 years of portrait photography, and earlier this year I actually decided to remove it completely from my list of services I offer. But life always has a way of changing things up, so this summer when my husband and I decided to move to Cle Elum (rather than Bellingham) I decided to throw it back on the list - and boy am I glad I did! 

This amazing young lady does not attend high school in Cle Elum though. She's my little cousin and lives in Arlington where she's the Captain of her Cheer Squad at AHS. She's on the side of my husband's family that we don't see often enough and I am SO happy that her initial photographer didn't work out! (not in a malicious way - but in a way that everything happens for a reason and we weren't meant to kick it for the day at Deception Pass and get to know one another aside from the two times we've met before!) She was my first senior session to get back into the swing of things and she certainly set the bar high from there on out! She showed up with an amazing attitude, adorable outfits, and all the sass that an almost 18 year old badass embodies! 

We began the day in Oak Harbor, and Abi was quick to get to posing in an adorable hat from a local boutique! We ventured around the cute and quiet town - visiting indoor strip malls, local community gardens and even snapping a quick shot with a mermaid statue - before we set out to Deception Pass State Park for the rest of her session. My year of scouting the location came in handy and the light was our best friend all day long! My inner girl was just the happiest spending time with Abi in this beautiful location.

The session ended with the sun setting and Abi in a gorgeous dress. I cannot say enough positive things about this girl. Her soul is old, sweet, and wise! It shines through her like beacons of light - through her eyes, her smile, her laugh - it's contagious to be around! I wish I had more time to just hang out with her and explore and take photos all the live long day!!! 

Thank you Abi & Jenni for spending the day with me and allowing me to get to know you both better - I am so blessed to be a part of the Glasco family! 

Aubrey // Turns 1 at the Farm!

Two years ago Maricela and Rich said their "I dos" at Ritter Farms and in the upcoming year began to build their little family of 3! Along comes 2016 and their little girl Aubrey is already turning 1! While trying to figure out a location for her 1 year photo shoot, both Maricela and I were on the same brain wavelengths and both agreed on Ritter Farms for that natural, yet beautiful and landscaped setting! 

I enjoyed exploring new areas of the farm I hadn't photographed around and just loved capturing Aubrey's beyond adorable smiles & giggles frozen in time! Her pink flamingo dress was the cutest and I seriously wish I had one in my size! ;) 

Thank you Albo family for being so amazingly photogenic and fun during our windy day at the farm! I am so grateful for your patience and entrusting in me as your photographer to capture this huge milestone in your family's lives! 

Street Family // Discovering Discovery Park

~welsh proverb

I first met the Street family when they hired me to capture Apple's newborn photos. Of course we took photos of Apple in a bucket full of fake (and some real) apples! So naturally I was pretty stoked when they asked me to capture some photos of all 3 of them a couple years later :)

We ventured to Discovery Park where Rachel and Taz actually had their maternity photos taken! We chased the sunset and attempted to keep warm as it went behind the Olympic Mountain Range. I get to see Rachel's "Apple A Day" posts on Facebook, so seeing Apple's sweet personality in person was quite a joy for me, and even more enjoyable to photograph!

Thank you Street family for a fun evening of frolicking in the grass, gathering rocks in a driftwood fort, making splashes, Abby Cadabby's new acting portfolio photo, endless giggles, and an overall feel-good time!

Willow // Class of 2017

henrichsenswillow2016-09 (20 of 117).jpg

I'm a firm believer that people come into your life just when you need them, whether it's for good or for bad. Every person is there to teach some sort of lesson in one way or another. I was at the lowest of lows when Tessa truly came into my life. We had chatted on the phone here and there (as we worked together but in different locations) and when I moved home to work in the same store as her, I knew instantly we were meant to be friends! Tessa is such a beautiful soul and is very active in the ARRF community - so much that she brought along an adorable puppy, Max, to the photoshoot that she's been fostering until he's adopted! So of course I had to start the blog out with his little handsome self ;) 

When Tessa reached out to me to photograph her family, as well as her beautiful daughter Willow, I was ecstatic! I thought "Why not have my first senior session in my home town start in the same location that I had my very own senior photos taken?!" So that's exactly what we did, and then more! Willow ROCKED her senior session from start to finish with a gorgeous smile and sparkling eyes. If the sun wasn't setting, I'm sure I would have asked her to pose for me even more! ;) 

Thank you Willow for being the beautiful girl you are inside and out and so willing to adventure around the area with me! 

Adelynn // Smash that cake!

I absolutely LOVED capturing Adelynn's personality as she neared the last few days of her 1st year on this earth ...not quite cruising around on her feet yet, but oh so curious and full of smiles and the most adorable ponytail I've seen in all my life!!! 

After finding out our original location, a field with tall grass and wildflowers, had been mowed down - we chased the sun before settling on the perfect field of thistles and grass almost as tall as me tucked in the back area! It was almost as if the sun was dancing around Adelynn before saying good night. 

Adelynn's mom came equipped with an amazing cake, a gorgeous antique high chair,, and the cutest tutu! 

Nutt Family // Discovery Park

I've photographed the Nutt family so many times now, I do believe I've lost count! Since 3 year old Ellie was in Alex's belly - to well, 3 years later! Plus a new addition - Orion! This is the 3rd time I've seen that little bugga - and he's full of personality, just like his big sis! :) 

Since I've moved from the south end area, Alex and her family have been more than willing to meet me in all sorts of places - from Cle Elum to the Seattle area (being that they're down in the Auburn area, locations can get a bit tricky at times, and I'm SO grateful they always make the effort to meet up with me to have new memories documented - thank you Nutt family!) ;) 

We ventured around Discovery Park area on a gloomy summer morning - picking flowers and walking through the tall grass - it was short and sweet! 

Happy birthday to Orion AND Ellie - who both share my birthday month (yay Virgos!) 

Hope your upcoming birthday parties are a blast! 

Woodward Kids // Sammamish

I first met Anna during a 3-way meeting about a networking marketing company called Nerium. I had heard of the business before, and was even introduced to their first product they released: their Age Defying Night Cream from a friend about 3 years prior to this meeting with Anna, and our wonderful mutual friend, Sheena :) I had gotten a sample of the night cream, but it was only about 3 days worth and I wasn't able to really tell if it had made a difference for my skin. About a year went by, and I met Sheena in a networking group, and found out about the new products Nerium had released since I first heard about it. I'm all about cutting down my "getting ready" routine in the morning - which also leads me to being quite the consumer always on the lookout for new ways to make that a reality. So I decided to try out their products once again to see what may fit into my lifestyle :) 

Since my first introduction to Nerium, they've come out with an anti-aging day cream, eye cream, cellulite/firming cream, as well as a mind enhancement product - EHT. About 3 years ago I noticed I didn't seem to have the same focus I once had, and unfortunately it was beginning to affect my passion for photography. Learning new techniques became difficult, finding a steady workflow was almost impossible, and my social skills were falling flat from just working by myself all the time! I have a hard time thinking of becoming "dependent" upon anything to help me along in life. I've always been stubborn that way! But after much reluctancy, I decided to give EHT a go, and within a few months I watched my business begin to get back on its feet, my photography visions coming to life, and my relationships with those around me began to reflect a happier and more focused me. I feel connected again, but still have a long ways to go (as we all do!) I would highly recommend EHT to any creative that struggles with the "business" aspect of owning their own business - because that's where it's helped me the most. I've heard plenty of testimonials from others that explain their success with EHT, and I am so glad there is a product out there like this! I don't rant and rave about a product very often - but I am in love with EHT! Of course I use the day cream and eye cream daily as well, and I can't even remember the last time I put foundation on come to think of it! 

Anyways! Enough about all that - the reason you're here is to take a gander at the Woodward kids! With Nick getting ready to embark on a new journey at boarding school in Florida, Anna wanted to get some quick sibling photos together before he left for the school year. The ever elusive Sophie was the most gung-ho to climb up trees and show her older brothers how its done! ;) They hung out with me for a little over a half hour - taking direction very well and probably ready to go cross-eyed by the end of it! But I'm glad they stuck it out and we were able to get some lasting memories of them all together! 

Thanks again Woodward family!