Class of 2017 // Senior Reps!

It all began with Willow, then Sarah, then Brianne, then Bella, and finally Selah for my CERHS 2017 Senior girls this last year. (Bella & Selah's session didn't get blogged, as I began chemotherapy and not much was done during that time!) But I assure you - they totally ROCKED their sessions! 

I decided since moving back to Cle Elum, I'd love to begin my own senior rep program. It's been over a decade since I was in high school and I honestly have NO idea what it's like to be a senior this day in age. With all the social media, make up, eyebrows on fleek, and amazing fashion sense, I'm feeling pretty unhip! I was wearing my sweatshirts inside out and plucking my eyebrows almost to the point of no as a senior vs seniors these days is quite the a pretty embarrassing way, haha!  

So I asked these young ladies if they'd be up for a couple extra shoots throughout the following seasons leading up to their departure into adulthood. We ventured out into the snow for a snowy session (again, not blogged because I was sickly!) but now I'm so excited to share their spring session with you all! We lucked out with no rain, but LOTS of wind (go figure!) We ventured to Lake Cle Elum for some windblown hair action, had some ice cream in the Roslyn Yard, and finally ended the session in some beautiful wildflowers near the high school! 

These girls are all so wonderful in their own unique ways! I've seriously had such a blast getting to know them better since their first session with me, and can't wait to photograph them one last time before they're off to college! 

Molly & Ryan // Cle Elum Engagement

Our love is the thrill of adventurous exploration with no fear of being lost because I will always have your hand to hold.
— Leo Christopher

Oh where to begin with these two and their amazing engagement session?! 

Well let's just start with saying that Molly & Ryan had me on a "photographer's high" for about 3 days after their shoot! They brought the most sentimental props and had the best ideas for locations to venture to that were near and dear to their hearts. Molly was extremely close with her father, Greg Ballard, who passed away from cancer when she was a senior in high school. The only thing he ever bought brand new was his Ford Ranger truck, that he kept in pristine condition and Molly inherited just last year - so of course we included it in some photos, along with a beautiful pendant that Molly turned into a necklace. 

We stuck around the Teanaway area, where Molly grew up and both her and Ryan currently reside. We headed out on some old dirt roads, hoping the wild flowers had bloomed, but with the long winter, they were still waiting to make their appearance, so we settled for views of snow covered Earl Peak instead! This last Christmas, Molly had asked Ryan for a pair of Sorels, but Ryan opted to get her a pair of Mucks instead - so the two of them put on their matching boots and waded in the river for a couple shots - so cute - just loved their adventurous spirit the entire time! Then we hiked up to Cheese Rock, where Molly and her family used to spend the last days of summer with her cousins camping before school started back up. I grew up on the west end of Cle Elum, so I had never been to Cheese Rock and was pleasantly surprised at all the amazing views it had to offer! A photographer's paradise I tell you what! 

We ended the session somewhere extremely special, Molly's family barn. To read more about this amazing barn and its history, click here

Thank you Molly & Ryan for taking ME on an adventure this time around, and sharing so many things about your lives that are so special and sacred!

I can't wait for your wedding day!!! 

Mommy & Us // Mother's Day

hubbardsmothersday2017-05 (1 of 102).jpg

"In raising my children, I have lost my mind but found my soul." 

~Lisa T. Shepherd

Do you ever meet someone, and just know that it was divine timing for your souls to finally reconnect?

That is totally how I felt when I met Marcie. We have SO much in common and I can't think of one thing I don't admire about this woman! She's a full time student, amazing mother, loving wife, and all around just a kick ass human being! With us both having busy schedules since the day we met, we haven't had a lot of time to hang out in person...plenty of planned outings that always got rescheduled (usually do to me being sickly!) But I tell you what, thank goodness for social media to help keep me connected to people in my life! I honestly look forward to watching her Snapchat stories at the end of the day - they're full of her adorable twins - Maddox & Lillian, her beautiful face, and all around inspiring things that sometimes leave me feeling like I basically just woke up and ate all day in comparison to all the things she does for her little family in one day! So it's no wonder that her husband, Jordan, wanted to gift her a mommy & me session for Mother's Day!

The last time we all hung out was last August on our hike up to Mt. Pilchuck! So a couple hours together in their new hood was much overdue quality time together. We headed to Fort Steilacoom, which was one of my favorite locations when I lived in Tacoma, and got that delicious golden light hour with some spring flowers! So fun to see how much the twins personalities have grown even since last summer. Lilly is a little shy at first...but eventually warms up to me and gives me the cutest grins along with her brother Maddox! They just melt my heart into mush!!!

A few days after sending Marcie some sneak peeks, she texts me and asks if I noticed there was another kid in the photos I sent her. I instantly got chills and was expecting her to point out some ghost child in the photos! (haha, silly I know!) and then she replies with telling me that they found out they're PREGNANT!!! So this photo shoot ended up being EXTRA special for their family! They had thought they weren't able to conceive without fertility treatments, as they had to with the twins, so this news has them over the moon excited! I can't wait for them to welcome another amazing human being into this world.

Congratulations Hubbard family!!! 

A & D Engagement // Cle Elum

I've known Amanda since she was sticking crayons up her nose! Okay ...maybe not THAT long (unless of course she was doing that in the 2nd grade, buuuut I can't attest to that) But I'm sure we had many encounters on the playground throughout grade school, until we finally truly got to know one another during middle & high school sports - including playing softball together even through college! We also lived together for a good amount of our early adult years and she's known as Auntie Amanda to my 12 year old husky dog Kirra. So you could say that Amanda is definitely like a sister of sorts to me! Her laugh is contagious and her infamous blonde moments are some of my favorite stories to tell about her ;) She's driven, smart, funny, and beautiful - so Dylon would have to be CRAZY to pass up putting a ring on that finger of hers! Luckily, Dylon is NOT crazy - and proposed while on an ice rink under beautiful Christmas lights in Canada this last winter. Pretty romantic!

Since I recently moved back home to Cle Elum (where both Amanda and I grew up!) these two were my first clients in my new location since finishing up all my chemotherapy & radiation for my breast cancer diagnosis. This winter was a gnarly one, so the snow was sticking around quite a bit, but we made it work with the landscape being stuck between winter and spring. We experienced your typical Washington spring weather for the better part of the day: sunshine, wind, rain, and snow! But it was all worth it for the gorgeous sunset at the end of the day :) 

Thank you both for being SO adventurous and sticking out all the whacky weather with me for some pretty epic moments! 

Greg, Adrienne & Wally the puppy

Adrienne and I grew up within walking distance of one another (well, maybe like 2 miles, but that's where your neighbors are when you're in the woods!) I was so excited when she reached out to me to capture some photos of her and Greg's new puppy Wally! We wanted to make sure and get the last bit of the fall leaves before they were gone, and Marymoor Park offered just the right amount of leaves and sunshine during a forecast that called for your typical pacific northwest stormy weather! 

Greg's parents, and sister Lindsey, joined for part of the shoot to get some family photos together. We enjoyed an afternoon stroll through the park while Wally burned off some energy! 

Thank you guys for allowing me the opportunity to photograph the newest addition to your family! 

Brianne // Class of 2017

Since moving back to Cle Elum, I've had the opportunity to take some senior portraits for some pretty amazing kiddos this late summer and into fall. I love my west side girls, but there's just something about connecting with someone who attends the same small town high school that you once did, that is priceless. It's been over a decade now since I was in high school (wow ....totally just aged myself there!) so things are a bit different than they were - different programs, teachers, sports, etc! But I feel like each small town produces a unique type of person - someone who's brave, care free, passionate from the deepest depths of their soul, and just an all around enjoyable person! And Brianne definitely lived up to all those things! 

I met Brianne and her parents, Desiree & Mike, early in the morning after the fog began to clear - it was the perfect setting for Brianne to rock her hunting gear before the morning sun finally peeked out! We danced around cow pies, and Brianne even braved getting into the Teanaway river - brrrr!!! But it made for some pretty cute memories and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to photograph this wonderful young lady! 

Wallick Family // Cooper

The first backpacking trip I took was the morning after a night of camping with the Wallick family! This was about 3 years ago, so it's been a while since I've hung out with them for a lengthy period of time (aside from mini sessions and tea parties!) and boy did they live up to their adventurous spirits for their family photos in the Cooper Lake area! They were kind enough to show me a super secret squirrel waterfall (as well as a not so secret squirrel one!) and were game to climbing anything and everything presented to them! 

THESE types of shoots are what really spark my photographer fire - getting out and exploring your "backyard" and really getting deep into the experience of creating some memorable photographs to look back on in years to come. So thank you Wallick family for being so amazing and adorable for your family photos! 

McCune // one year down

I've known Michelle since she was barely in grade school. Her brother Tim and I were in the same grade growing up, and we all lived just a short walk away from one another - so I've been able to watch Michelle grow up into the beautiful, kind, and sweet as can be young woman that she is today!

I finally met her husband, Jessie, for the first time on their 1 year wedding anniversary. The two agreed to model their wedding attire for me in a beautiful Pacific Northwest setting. My original plan of hiking to a couple waterfalls was foiled when the parking lot to the trailhead was PACKED, and I was wheezing due to a respiratory infection. So, Michelle & Jessie were so patient with me as we ventured to another spot not too far away to get started on their portraits! 

My friend Brenna and I have decided to collaborate together to do more mountain top elopements - where she does the bride's hair and make up, and we both help pack things up to beautiful mountain views. This was definitely our test run at this idea, so I can't wait to bring it more to life next spring and summer! Brenna picked up the flowers for Michelle's hair, and created a beautiful sunflower inspired crown (since Michelle's wedding had sunflowers!)

We climbed and eventually swam all around one of my favorite swimming holes growing up! I never would have imagined myself in this same place years later creating beautiful memories for some people near and dear to my heart! 

Livia // Class of 2017

I first met Livia when I was one of the photographers at UW Family Photo Day this year. She came with some of her extended family and had some photos taken with her adorable little cousins (they were the only kiddos with husky stuffed animals - so that made them that much easier to remember!) So I was very excited when her mom contacted me to take Livia's senior photos :)

We ventured around Golden Gardens for an afternoon, and Livia worked the camera like a pro! Thank you Livia and Nancy for entrusting me as your senior photographer - it was such a pleasure to work with you! 

Nixons // Family Cabin

I LOVE when my clients have locations in mind that are near and dear to their hearts. Chris & Andrea have been coming to their family cabin for a while now in the Lake Cle Elum area. Their family has decided to put it up for sale - so they took this opportunity while waiting for it to sell to have some family photos taken around the property - which was Chris & Jamie's gift to Andrea for her birthday this year! 

Tyson wasn't too keen on having photos taken, so his mom let him stay in his play gear for photos - and we even got some fun photos of him riding his bike on the porch! Jordan was all about posing - especially with the animals! It was so cute to see her love for all the doggies and for her little cousin Raya <3 This family has a seriously awesome bond and it was such a pleasure to photograph them all! 

Thanks Nixon family for inviting me to your family cabin to capture some unforgettable memories! :)